Lancaster Custom House Painters

 Lancaster Custom House Painters

A fresh coat of paint is all it takes to turn a house into a home with Lancaster House Custom Painters!

 Paint is personal; it expresses your personal tastes and has the ability to influence your mood. Add excitement to your home’s interior with beautiful color with Lancaster House Custom Painters!

Lancaster Custom Painters can help you select just the right color

 A new coat of paint is an easy, accessible way to increase your home’s visual appeal. When the professionals at Brad Stoner Painting repaint your bedrooms, kitchen, hallways, and ceilings, an exciting and impressive dimension is added to your space.  We perform extensive preparation to protect your furnishings and ensure the proper application of all products and properly prepares all surfaces to be painted, fixes the little dings and bumps that are visible under new paint, and apply the new paint with precision and expertise. We use washable paints for a durable, long-lasting finish, ensuring your continuing enjoyment of your home’s “new look” for years to come.

Interior Painting Services

Looking to spruce up an indoor space?
Lancaster Custom Painting has endless ways to give a makeover to interior spaces to give rooms, master bathrooms and more. Lancaster Custom House Painters interior residential painting services include:

●Painting all rooms of the home, including bathrooms and kitchens
●Entryway and stairwell painting
●Acoustic ceiling removal and texturing
●Cabinet repainting
●Minor wood and stucco repair