Lancaster Painter Motto

Kindness changes the world


Kindness to one another can change the world. The kind of world we want to live in.
Do a kind deed today, and tell the next person to pay it forward.
Contagious Kindness is the goal. Let acts of kindness go viral.
Open the door for someone. Help your neighbor. Help a stranger.
Carry the groceries. Bring someone a cup of tea or coffee.
Sweep the sidewalk of your neighbors. So much can be done to show kindness.
Do an act of kindness everyday, twice a day or more. Smile as you do it.
Your purpose in life will change. You will feel great at the end of the day.
Happiness will fill you life. True happiness is really receiving the benefits of that act of kindness.
Change your life, Change the world. Change for goodness around your world.

That is why we do not do repos or parking violations… Life is hard enough …

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